Welcome to British Columbia Youth Parliament!

    House Leaders • • •

Premier: Chris Coulson
Leader of the Opposition: Sheridan Hawse
Deputy Speaker: Angus Lockhart

    Office of the Premier • • •

Deputy Premier: Suyoung Ahn
Attorney General: Mackenzie Lockhart
Provincial Secretary: Jacob Noseworthy
Minister of Archives: Christopher Coulson
Minister of Sessional Affairs: Kyle Dow
Minister of New Member Relations: Alex Fraser

    Outreach Activities & Public Affairs • • •

Minister of Regional Youth Parliaments: Callista Ryan
Minister of External Affairs: Suyoung Ahn
Minister of Public Relations: Wynn Rederburg
Minister of Corporate Relations: Jacqueline Cottingham
Minister of Communications: Steven Gerk
Minister of Internet Affairs Nicole Thompson

    Community Service • • •

Minister of Service: Kate Hodgson
Minister of Camp Phoenix: Sky Losier
Minister of the Lower Mainland: David Yang
Minister of the Islands: Kyle Dow
Minister of the Southern Interior: Victoria Sukra
Minister of the Northern Interior: Emily Proskiw

    Finance • • •

Minister of Finance: Brendan Liaw
Minister of Community Fundraising: Seamus Benwell

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