Welcome to British Columbia youth Parliament!

      Debate! Legislate! Question Period! Bang on desks! Eat at excellent restaurants! Meet many cool new people! Share a room with soon-to-be good friends! Get pumped for the upcoming year! Avoid sleep! Have a ton of fun!

    What to expect

      Staying in an awesome hotel for four nights, meeting tons of new people, staying up late, getting up early, having a blast at evening activities (super fun mixers, anybody?) and yes, learning lots!

    What to bring

      Clothes: Formal for five days, casual for four nights. Victoria's winters are mild, but it will be cold! Bring a jacket! We're walking quite a bit - comfortable shoes are highly recommended! Remember that Legislature wear is business attire, and your shoulders must be covered to be recognized by the Speaker. Casual clothing is great for evening activities though. Don't forget dress shoes (closed-toe), and extra hosiery if you need it.

      Please see your acceptance package for more extensive information on the Parliamentary Dress Code. If you have lost your acceptance package, please email our registrar, Rhonda Vanderfluit.

      Food & Money: You'll have three lunches and four dinners and breakfasts to cover by yourself. If you're anything like the hundreds of other members in years previous, you'll probably want a midnight snack or two. There are coffee shops and convenience stores nearby, so budget accordingly.

      Please refer to our members' handbook for more information on session.

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